Exclusive Interview: Amandla Stenberg Shares her top Beauty Tips


Amandla Stenberg gives us her top Red Carpet Tips.


In the arena of fashion, Amandla Stenberg is the opposite of Rue, the shy, hesitant character she portrays in the blockbuster hit, The Hunger Games. The American-born actress was on hand for the BAFTA LA Britannia awards, dazzling the crowd with her adoring smile and infectious persona, confident in her red carpet strut, and certainly comfortable in her own skin. In this Red Carpet Tip exclusive, our behind the scenes reporter, Carly Steel, spoke with Amandla about fashion and glamour, obtaining beauty tips guaranteed to take your style to new heights.

For Amandla, hair and nail products are key components when preparing for a red carpet event. With the flashing lights of camera lenses and critiquing glares of fashionistas ever present at Hollywood events, the actress has come to understand the importance of finding quality nail polish and hair supplies that maximize her gorgeous curls.

[quote]I love metallics on my nails! And I also love Burt’s Bees and use the product Mixed Chicks for my hair, to make sure it stays nice and curly.[/quote]

Taking inspiration from the Hunger Games, which revolves around a totalitarian government and its impoverished, food-deprived citizens, Amandla has teamed up with No Kid Hungry, a non-profit organization which aims to eradicate childhood hunger in America by 2015. With a first name meaning “Power” in Zulu, it’s no wonder this up-and-coming actress has made a gigantic splash in both the cinematic and philanthropic realms, making her quite the versatile youngster.

As the success continues to mount for The Hunger Games and its cast of stars, Amandla has gradually accustomed herself to the extravagant, demanding pace of Hollywood. Despite all the rounds she has made at celebrity functions, the actress continues to grow as an artist and style icon, proving to the world that big things certainly come in small packages.