Alicia Fox: Behind The Scenes Exclusive



With magnetic appeal, WWE Diva, Alicia Fox, graced the red carpet of the Wrestlemania Premiere Party in her own glamourlishous way.

From her iconic personality to heartbreaker charm, the foxy superstar looked stunning with her vibrant red hair and confident attitude. In a couture gown and draped in glowing  jewels by Hollywood Designer Charlie Lapson, the diva not only created a statement on the red carpet, but also grabbed the attention of fashionistas and celebrity trendsetters. Alicia lit up the evening by sparkling in her Charlie Lapson jewels, clutch and accessories which complimented her vibrant silver and black gown.

Wrestling’s foxiest Diva concluded the night by modeling for the live-auction fashion show, which helped raise funds for Alex’s Place at the Sylvester Conference Cancer Center. Even for the fashion show, Alicia definitely knows exactly how to go from tough to glam! She wore all black with a bold red belt and clutch to compliment her hair color.