Advice, Fashion Feels & American Crime with Elvis Nolasco

Elvis Nolasco: “Don’t let the voices deter you from your dreams”

Red Carpet Tips caught up with Elvis Nolasco where we were attracted by his casual, “this is what I feel like today,” style. In addition to sharing his fashion taste, Elvis gave some advice to kids who want to shine in the entertainment industry. Check out our full interview to learn more about Elvis Nolasco !

It’s Elvis Nolasco Style- Lots of “feels”

Elvis’s style truly has his own signature. However, when we tried to find out his fashion secrets, he simply said “This is what I feel today!” By trying something different and “feeling” it, Elvis came out with the so called “Elvis Nolasco style,” casual but remarkable. His hat, from American Mad Hatter, was selected for his look simply because he “was feeling the hat!”


Don’t let the voices deter you from your dreams

For future kids who want to be on TV and film, here’s what Elvis advised: “Just follow your heart, don’t give up, don’t let the voices, external or internal, deter you from your dreams.” Absolutely, Elvis Nolasco is an outstanding actor who dares to dream and he highly encourages others to do so.


American Crime, Season 2: More impactful and more thought-provoking

The second season of American Crime is going to be another 10 episode impact on television, Elvis told us. The author John Redly and the producer Michael MacDonald were put together for an amazing story that is set at two high schools and the issues of sexual orientation and socioeconomic disparity come to a boil when lurid photos are posted and revealed on social media. Want more thrills and chills? New season of American Crime is on ABC Wednesday nights. Don’t miss it.