Adrian Anderson Dishes Out Style Tips for the 54th Annual Grammy Awards!

Red Carpet Tips was on the scene at the Charlie Lapson showroom in downtown LA to chat with inspirational gospel singer Adrian Anderson about her preparations for the 54th Annual Grammy Awards. Adrian told our RCT reporter all about the latest happenings in her music career, her new cosmetics line, plus a few helpful tips that will definitely get you red carpet ready for your next star-studded event.


Inspirational gospel singer Adrian Anderson shares her tips on finding the right look for a special red carpet event

1. Look to the stars for inspiration. Flip open the latest issue of Harper’s Bazaar or Vogue to see which Grammy veteran’s style you would like to emulate.

2. Perfect your pose! Photographers love to see you shine on the red carpet, even more so when you know what you’re doing. Practice your pose a few times in front of a full-length body mirror so that you can see every angle of your stance. You want to attract the camera’s attention and you can do this by retaining a fierce look in your eyes.  Just remember, shoulders back, chin up, front leg points out towards the paparazzi and flash the cameras a big, white smile.