Adele slays Carpool Karaoke with James Corden

Carpool Karaoke is exactly what it sounds like and so much more. The Late Late Show host, James Corden, picks up an artist (or band) and drives around town (usually Los Angeles) singing their songs and chatting. Last night, James took ‘Carpool Karaoke’ to London for an epic special edition with the record breaking 25 singer, Adele, and it’s everything we’ve ever dreamed of.

The pair drives through rainy London, singing and sharing stories- about Adele being drunk three nights in a row, paying for fans’ dinners, playing the drums- and more. Adele also shared a bit about her mission with her music:

“I want my fans to come on a journey with me, and I feel like one of the reasons I named my albums after my age as well is that they’re sort of like Polaroids almost of my life at that time,” Adele said of her new LP, adding that 25 would be the last album named after her age, following 19 and 21. “I believe in trilogies.”

The nearly 15 minute video is filled with awesome harmonies (we bet you didn’t think James Corden could hit those notes), tea spillages, and a little bit of the Spice Girls & Nicki Minaj.

Trust us, it’s worth the watch!

Thank you, Adele and James, for absolutely SLAYING this! We’re crossing our fingers for round 2 somewhere down the road!