Actor Ed O’Neill from ABC’s ‘Modern Family’ Gets Cheeky at GBK Style Lounge

Sporting a red short sleeve button down, and his glasses, Ed O’Neill, from ABC’s hit, Modern Family, joined Celebrity Designer Charlie Lapson at this year’s GBK Celebrity Style Lounge.  O’Neill gave us a run down of his style, and even shared some daring–but hilarious–bits.


Perhaps channeling his inner Al Bundy, the former Married With Children star gave us his morning routine–brushing his teeth, shaving and showering–along with a playful revelation (see interview clip). All of his colorful jokes aside, he did recommend that you shower, as he does in order to play Sofia Vergara‘s on-screen husband.

As far as the TV icon’s style, he keeps it relatively laid back. Usually he wears jeans, Sanuk shoes, and a black t-shirt. But for a special red carpet occasion, he wears “the monkey suit” as he jokingly calls his tuxedo. O’Neill does finish both ensembles with the iconic and snazzy Rolex Daytona watch.

Up next: The Family man is working on a screenplay his brother wrote. We’ll keep our eyes out!