Gilles Marini Ushers In the Age of Moisturizing at Duliakas’ Oscar Suite!

Switched at Birth actor Gilles Marini interviewed with Hollywood Celebrity Designer Charlie Lapson at Duliakas’ Oscar Suite. When asked what he enjoyed doing during Oscar season, Gilles revealed he simply loves to relax because there are “a lot of cool parties, the industry calms down, relaxes, and has a good time together!” Sounds like a fun time!

When asked about his style, the happy dad informed us he had to pick up his son from school, therefore he prefered to wear comfortable, relaxed clothing and “look as cool as possible.” The laid-back actor also revealed he only wears hair products on set, while just running his fingers through his hair for other occasions.When he’s on his way out, Gilles says, “I turn around and throw on some cream!” He laughs, “It’s 2013, it would be silly for men to say, ‘I don’t wear cream!’” Gilles declares, “You gotta be ready at all times!”