Young “Great Gatsby” Callan McAuliffe talks Style

Australian born actor Callan McAuliffe, 17,  may be best known for his role in the hit movie I Am Number Four, but his star is sure to rise  after the world watches him in the role of young Gatsby in one of this year’s most anticipated films The Great Gatsby. RCT caught up with McAuliffe at the 2012 Annual Young Hollywood Awards, which honored the best of the entertainment industry’s emerging talent and celebrated the achievements of young celebrities across various media platforms, drawing extensive attention from national and international press. McAuliffe talked about his admiration for 20’s fashion and his own personal style.

While discussing whether the 20’s style of The Great Gatsby influenced his wardrobe at all, McAuliffe confidently states the he prefers “ to wear whatever’s comfortable, but also what’s not too flashy…. I’m very casual,” he says. McAuliffe dressed in a simple blue button up shirt layered over a graphic tee , and paired it with black jeans for the awards show. Despite his laid back approach to fashion, McAuliffe does seem to admire certain stylish stars’ threads like Johnny Depp’s. “He looks great all the time.”