WWE Diva & Model Alicia Fox Rocks the Red Carpet in Betsey Johnson and Jessica Simpson at WWE Summerslam

WWE Diva and former model Alicia Fox is so sweet and enthusiastic it’s hard to believe she beats people down for a living. Fox has been with the WWE since 2006 and won the Divas Championship in June 2010. The drop-dead gorgeous diva was on the red carpet for Summerslam 2012 when we spoke with her. “I feel like a princess and thanks to Charlie [Lapson] I feel even more like royalty,” she said, showing off some glittering Charlie Lapson jewels.

The jewelry certainly complemented her great Betsey Johnson tutu dress and shiny Jessisca Simpson pumps. Dressing well doesn’t seem to be an obstacle for the star, so she was more than happy to share two of her best tips for red carpet readiness. #1: “make sure you get your beauty rest, that’s really important” says the star. #2, dress in what’s comfortable for you, and just “rock it.” Finally, #3, she recommends keeping it “confident and classy“, as you can never go wrong with that combo. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!