EXCLUSIVE: Vik Sahay from “Chuck” Says Final Goodbye to Fans!


NBC’s “Chuck” will say its last adieu tonight on NBC. While we stock up on tissue boxes for one highly emotional goodbye, RedCarpetTips.com got together with Vik Sahay who plays Lester Patel on the show to get schooled in fashion, learn about his inner tiger, and hear his final thoughts on parting with the show that brought him to Los Angeles.

Most individuals are unaware of Vik Sahay’s penchant for fashion, but you better believe RedCarpetTips.com was on a mission to showcase Vik Sahay as a true style star, to his chagrin of course! Playing a member of the Nerd Herd has a tendency to naturally put a damper on a celebrity’s style; however, Vik shows us how the men can style it up for the red carpet.

RedCarpetTips.com may have come to learn about Vik’s style, but we left learning that tonight’s finale is going to be anything but easy for the fans and cast of the show. When reading the script for the final episode, Vik told us, “When I read it, I wept. It’s really beautiful.” For those unfamiliar with the history of “Chuck,” it was a series originally headed for cancellation but was saved by an unexpected hero: the fans. Extensive social media outreach from fans, critics, and the overall “Save Chuck Campaign” kept the show safely out of harm’s way for a few more seasons. Vik came to Los Angeles for the show and leaves RedCarpetTips.com with one final note, “The fans were the reason we kept coming back. [It’s…] going to be hard to let go of.” Watch the video below as Vik gives his final goodbyes exclusively to RedCarpetTips.com!

Be sure to check out the season finale of “Chuck” tonight on NBC at 8 p.m. EST!!!