‘Trophy Wife’ Actress Malin Akerman Talks Retro Fashion at the ‘CBGB’ premiere

Dressed in a dazzling white Osman pantsuit, the gorgeous Malin Akerman joined celebrity designer Charlie Lapson to chat about fashion, her new film, and her latest venture into television at the premiere of Randall Millers CBGB.

We asked Malin, who plays the legendary Debbie Harry in the film about the historic CBGB nightclub, for some insight into the fashion from that era. According to her, it was amazing to get to channel “the true little punk that she was back then” through Harry’s signature style. She also mentioned her admiration for the singer’s femininity and poise, adding, “when she got on the stage, she owned it.”


Moving onto the actress’s current style and beauty, she said it all comes down to the “little tricks of the trade,” including having a hairstylist and lots of hair spray. As for her make-up, she carries lipstick in her purse to freshen up in case, as she jokingly put it, “eats it off.” For this premiere she opted to wear a blush shade of pink that complemented her look.

Now, Akerman can be seen along side her CBGB co-star, Bradley Whitford and Oscar Winner Marcia Gay Harden on Trophy Wife. Catch the hilarious sitcom on ABC, Tuesdays nights at 9:30 pm.