Tights Are Making a Huge Comeback this Season!

Really though…tights are seasonal and can be rocked with any look. From a winter coat with a divine red dress to cutoff denim jean shorts with a rockin tee. Not only are tights a huge necessity they do cover and conceal some of our most hidden girl probs. Tights can also  be as simple as a perfect nude, a classic black or go wild with a patterned look. The patterned and black sheer are making a huge comeback with a living staple on most celebs.

But really… what can tights do for me?

1. Firm and tone this lazy legs by keeping them under wraps

2. Hide those pesky cellulite blemishes

3. Hide that stubborn muffin top

4. Dont worry about a few tears and nicks! This is a New Style Staple.

5. Love your oversized top? but have nothing to wear underneath. Rock Tights!

Where can i Get this Look?

To achieve this look, it’s pretty simple. Almost every store carries a variety of tights from sheer black to neon. To get this look on a low budget simply your local CVS or  Super Market. They have amazing looks for a quarter of the price! If you want the real Red Carpert effect simply click the links below for our favorite items!

1. NastyGal Mesh Tights $48.00

2.Night Cap Garter Tights $172.00

3. Forever 21 Tights Ranging from $3.99 to $9.00

4.We Love Colors- For Amazing Unique Tights ranging from $10.00+

5. Shop Bop Tights $25-50.00

Kourtney Kardashian in Leopard Tights GET THE LOOK HERE! click me!