The talented Josh Thomas and charming Jennifer Leigh Warren at the GLAAD Hancock Park Summer Soirée

RedCarpetTips had the pleasure to attend the GLAAD Hancock Park Summer Soiree along with incredible entertainment personalities, delicious food and amazing performances.  Thanks to the power and efforts of  GLAAD, the LGBT community is one step closer in the fight for full-equality.



Talented comedian, actor, and writer Josh Thomas, was at the glamorous event talking to the cameras about his new television series Please Like Me. The openly gay Australian expressed, “my show is coming [to the U.S.] on Pivot, which is a new network…. it’s like a comedy/drama series…about me.”  As a newcomer to Los Angeles, Thomas, humorously described is as a unique city, unlike any other place in the world, where people are interested on being attractive and making a lot of money.



Actress and singer Jennifer Leigh Warren was also a guest at this gathering aimed to reach equal rights for the LGBT community. The Grace of My Heart and Valentine’s Day star was very excited to be part of the event, explaining, “all of us are having a good time, eating, drinking and celebrating the good people are doing.”  Jennifer, with her charming personality and unique voice, concluded the interview by beautifully singing about having a good time at the GLAAD Summer Soirée.