The Perfect On-Camera Look for the Golden Globes


Every girl wants to be red carpet glam when posing for pics but popping on-camera is anything but easy. talked to celebrity stylist Anya Sarre at the “Barbie Rocks” event in Beverly Hills to get the skinny on obtaining the perfect on-camera look.

Prepare to be surprised ladies! Additional layers of makeup will not amplify your look. If you want the camera to love you, highlight one feature. Anya says that the color is saturated on camera and maintaining balance is essential. Contrast is key so be sure to complement your dark lip with light eye shadows or vice versa.

Celebrity stylist Anya Sarre gives the beauty breakdown on achieving the perfect on-camera look!


Besides having worked with stars such as Hilary Duff, Anya Sarre styles the hosts of “Entertainment Tonight” and “The Insider” and knows the camera plays favorites when it comes to colors. She mentioned off camera that stripes are never a camera favorite. Stick to solids! And, when it comes down to making a statement in a picture, chunk up the jewelry! In another words, keep that ensemble plain and simple and add a pinch of sizzlewith lots and lots of jewelry.


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