The New Contouring: Tontouring


Contouring is the art of creating shadows to add dimension to your features. It has been all the rage with new contour palettes coming out left and right. That trend slowly faded away when strobing was introduced, and then there was baking. But contouring is now back with a twist, introducing, tontouring! Tontouring is essentially defining the structure of your face using fake tan. The trend, coined by Cocoa Brown founder Marissa Carter, involves using a variety of fake tans to add depth to the cheekbones & forehead, definition to the nose, & dimension to your decolletage.


“It’s every woman’s dream to look good without makeup and this technique gives you the opportunity to wake up looking naturally perfectly contoured,” she told the Daily Mail. “This technique means you only need to contour once a week as opposed to every day.”

Marissa recommends starting this technique by applying a gradual tanning moisturizer to the entire face. Then, using a stippling brush, add a darker mousse formula to the perimeters of the forehead. Then finish by using an angled contouring brush to shade your nose and sculpt your cheeks. “This may look harsh when first applied,” she explained, “but use [your] fingers to blend for an even glow.”

In just a few hours, your faux contour will begin to develop! Thanks to Marissa, we have one less step to worry about during our makeup regimen.

Would you try this new beauty hack?