The Lace Project

A new comer in the world of Jewelry Design this native California girl knows her stuff.

Born and raised in California, her effortless boho rock n’roll style exudes throughout her line.

We have an exclusive behind the scenes interview with the Designer Jackie Dobernic,  who created “The Lace Project.”

Here is Our Q & A With The Designer Behind The Lace Project

RCT: How Did You Pick The Name ‘The Lace Project’?

JD: Lace was a nick name given to me by someone who I really admire and who really inspired me.

RCT: How did your style influence the look?

JD: This project is 100% me. I wanted my style, my outlook, and my vision to really shine through in my line. I really love a vintage rock and roll look with a pretty but still dark look.

RCT: What inspires you?

JD: Fashion, music, anything dark,  I love the color black. Tons of lace of course.

RCT: What can we expect from the line?

JD: Your going to see a lot of skulls, brass chains hanging, and a tons of black and gold.

RCT: I see your bracelets have a lot of bead workmanship in them, can you explain in detail what you use and why?

JD: I use a lot of black onyx and lava rock beads, brass chain, and a lot of pyrite. Pyrite is the silver looking stone/bead you see, it really ties all the gold and brass together.

RCT: Are the bracelets sold individually or in sets?

JD: The bracelets are sold in sets of four and every set is one of a kind.  I have always hated when 10 girls had the same thing, so I made it so that each bracelet was unique and each person would’ve a completely different set from their friends.

RCT: How do you suggest to achieve the best look with your bracelets?

JD: I say the more bracelets the better, I wear about 10 on my left wrist and a couple on my right.

RCT: Ideally which celebrities would you see wearing your brand?

JD: Probably girls like Nicole Richie, the Olsen twins, Taylor Momsen, and Gillian Zinser. I really love their effortless, but well done looks.

RCT: Thank you so much for a little sneak peek into your newest creation. Where can our viewers see your line?


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