The Dynamic Singing Pair, Hill Sisters At The 22nd Annual Divas Simply Singing!

Brittany and Harmony Hill were a glamorous duet on the red carpet, and a force to be reckoned with talking about their anti-bullying campaign { } to our reporter Chiedza Mavangira.

“I’ve never experienced bullying personally, but I would say stand up for yourself!” said the Hill sisters. “And be confident.”

These poised fashion forward young ladies were the darlings of the evening, and the honored guests of Sheryl Lee Ralph, the founder of the 22nd Annual Divas Simply Singing! event. Confidence was the secret must-have accessory for the red carpet that these two young divas-in-training shared with us.

The other hot item was a gold chain from Claire’s that both girls wore to accent their simple and classic black-and-white evening attire. Indeed, the Hill sisters were the personification of timeless elegance and grace that bespoke volumes of their maturity.

The Hill sisters expressed their passion to put an end to the HIV/AIDS epidemic through their support of events like the 22nd annual Divas Simply Singing! campaign. Music prodigies, activists and—don’t forget—exquisite young fashionistas the Hill sisters were an unforgettable pair.