The Gorgeous Bellamy Young From ABC’s Scandal at the GBK Gift Lounge

Bellamy Young from the hit TV series Scandal, gave celebrity designer Charlie Lapson and our viewers some insight on how to be as gorgeous as she at the GBK Gift Lounge.

First, the natural beauty revealed her go-to item: her cell phone. And as she states, “it’s not a glamor item, but you can’t do without it.” It’s definitely an essential accessory.

Continuing on must-have products, she mentioned sugar lip balm because you “need a little bit of love and a little bit of color” when you get a dry-mouth during red carpet events. And underneath her sweet lips, she had a rose toned Chubby Stick from Clinique. Luckily for her, Clinique provides Chubby Sticks for all the Scandalous ladies.

As far as hair products, Young praised the René Furterer line. Playing First Lady Mellie Grant on the Shonda Rimes series gives her hair “a bit of a workout,” she teased “those products are the only reason I have any hair on my head.” For this event, she simply applied a bit of Rene Furterer’s Complex 5 and the RF 80 to help hair growth and leave it shiny and luscious.

And her key tips to preparing for the red carpet: a massage the day before and try to be “a little left of center” to stand out. Well done, Bellamy, you were glowing!