Teri Polo of “Meet the Parents” & “Little Fockers” At GBK Lounge in Hollywood: Kids, Tattoos & Fashion


Our RedCarpetTips.com reporter, Carly Steel, spoke with Teri Polo, actress and star of comedy blockbusters, Meet the Parents and Little Fockers, at the annual GBK Gifting Suite. The actress gave us a candid look at her celebrity style, which includes a few hidden tattoos and a hairstyle that would make Farrah Fawcett envious.

“Simpler is better,” said Polo, who took advantage of all the fabulous items and products featured at the GBK lounge. Understanding the industry, Polo pointed out that “If you are not comfortable [in what you are wearing] then you have a long night ahead of you.”

Aside from her fashion sense, Polo gave us some insight on how to choose the perfect tattoo. “Most of mine are my kids,” confided Polo, who knows the importance of finding a tattoo that will mean something forever. “Because your kids will always be your kids.”

Red Carpet Hair and Teri Polo