TV Regular Judge Mathis Offers Some Style Tips At The 22nd Annual Divas Simply Singing

The tall, dark and handsome Judge Greg Mathis showed that he was a fashion force to be reckoned with, even outside the domain of his court room.

The Judge demonstrated that when it comes to style being a Diva is an equal opportunity status. Although very modest in his demeanor the Judge was GQ sharp in a dark navy blue suit, a crisp white shirt, a chic watch and a solid gold tie.

For Judge Mathis, the 22nd annual Divas Simply Singing event was a personal battle against the HIV/AIDS epidemic because he lost his brother to the virus. In an intimate interview with our Red Carpet Tips hostess Chiedza Mavangira, the Judge went into more sobering details about the statistics of the disease. He said that the number of Black women infected was rising primarily due to the stigma against homosexuality in the African American community. He urged the church to take the lead in raising awareness and to do it from the pulpit. “The virus is not done!” said Mathis, encouraging our viewers at home to remain vigilant in their fight against HIV/AIDS.