Style & More with Taylor Ann Hasselhoff

Taylor Ann Hasselhoff and stylist Ali Levine visited Charlie Lapson in his studio recently to talk all things style. From admiring Charlie’s jewelry to discussing wardrobe, day-tonight, and nails, Taylor gives us a closer look at her personal style.


Taylor shows us her favorites among all of Charlie’s gorgeous jewelry, declaring, “I’m really into gold…I need to start wearing gold so Charlie, if I could get some from you…”



One of the biggest fashion problems the everyday girl faces is how to take a look cohesively from day to night. Luckily, Taylor, Ali, and Charlie discussed that as well! Taylor recommends keeping your hair the same for maximum ease. Her secret for transitioning a day look to night? Jewels! Check out the video for more tips.



When talking about jewels, Taylor says “I always wear too much jewelry. It’s a problem!” Ali, as a stylist, however, says she approves, and that stacking and layering jewelry are big going into this season. They also discuss Taylor’s playful look, and how she’s into all black.



Taylor also describes her style as “rocker chic” combining girly and edgy by incorporating a splash of color with all black. When it comes to nails, Taylor likes to be festive, and says “to break it up a little bit. I love glitter.” She also borrows from the popular Nike slogan, saying “Just do it!”



Watch the full videos and check out our Youtube page for more tips! Whether your style is #RockerChic like Taylor, or something else, we can all learn a little something from this beautiful starlet.
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