Straight From Broadway: Richard Jay-Alexander Shares the Naked Truth About Female Fashion

With more than three decades of work in stage and theater under his belt, producer and director extraordinaire Richard Jay-Alexander has been all over and worked with some of the biggest names in the entertainment business, including A-list Super like Ricky Martin, Kristin Chenoweth and Barbra Streisand. Having rubbed shoulders with such stardom – and being a Broadway living legend himself – who better ask for direction? The theater guru dropped by the Red Carpet Tips Studio to let us pick his brain on being and looking well.


“Everybody should have a three-way mirror,” he says, “and you should stand in it naked every day just so you see when it starts going south for you. The naked test is a barometer of how good you’ll look, regardless of what you wear. You’re not going to look better if you’re not in good shape.” His litmus test? Jeans and a T-shirt.” If you look good in jeans and a T-shirt I swear you’ll be able to wear anything.”

Richard believes that women should enhance their looks with makeup, rather than rely on it to look good. “ I Love it when a woman just puts on a little bit of eye make-up that makes the eyes pop… it’s best to be an enhanced version of yourself.” Ultimately, it’s all about what makes you look best: “Try it on…if it doesn’t make you look better than you do every day, don’t buy it.”

Follow Richard’s tips and you’ll feel like you’re a star on Broadway!