TREND ALERT: Could Temporary Tattoos Be The Next Biggest Accessory?

 The New Accessory Alternative Could Be Hair Stencils and Temporary Tattoos.











Hair Stencils

Spray-on color is applied using stencils to create temporary patterns on the hair. Designs include delicate patterns, florals, repeating shapes in intricate motifs, or imitation fabric designs such as lace. Patterns are applied along lengths of hair, rather than all over.



Temporary Tattoos

Boldly going where no “jewelry” trend has gone before, these tattoos, which last up to 6 days, channel beautiful and delicate with just their metallic ink. This brilliant yet unconventional accessory changes the way we think about jewelry These temporary pieces play on everything we love about our bling bling, which is why they could be here to stay. They’re easy to apply, painless, innovative, and satisfyingly unique.

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