Six-Pack Abs with Yaniv Moyal!


In the first episode of our exclusive Red Carpet Work-Out with Hollywood actor and personal trainer Yaniv Moyal, creator of the HUNK WORKOUT app, the chiseled star reveals his biggest tips for having those washboard abs we all crave. There is no better instructor than Yaniv himself, a modern day Greek god if there ever was one. Take the journey with him and maximize your potential, having fun with the charming host along the way!

First off, Yaniv will explain the importance of working your full core. Using an exercise ball, he displays the easy first step of the routine. Instead of using a traditional sit-up motion, Yaniv explains how it is more beneficial to work your body upwards instead of outwards.

Once the first step is mastered, it’s time to incorporate weights. Using the same motion as the first step, the weights create more resistance and produce better results. Finally, once you’re feeling good about your core, it’s the middle of your abs that gets the attention. Setting aside one of the weights, use the other to reach to the ceiling, making sure to hold your position to get the most out of your workout. It may burn, but that means it’s working!

Check out the full video above and take the first step on your way to a toned, stunning physique courtesy of the Red Carpet Work-Out and Yaniv Moyal!

If you want more information on the HUNK WORKOUT app, click here to get personalized workout tips from Yaniv!