The Reveal of Actress Sara Lindsey’s Sexy Style and Beauty Tips

Actress Sara Lindsey looked gorgeous at the finale of STYLE Fashion Week. She was there to support Alexis Monsanto’s debut of his 2012/2013 fashion line, not just by being there, but also by arriving in an outfit designed by Monsanto himself: a billowing, flowery, crimson dress with a plunging neckline.

    Lindsey had plenty to dish on fashion and beauty. She says she can’t leave the house without chapstick and lip balm; Burt’s Bees is her favorite for “that natural glow, natural moisture.” When it comes to fashion, she puts comfort first. “I have this Free People dress I should not wear it anymore. The straps are stretched out, but it’s like pink and purple and it’s so fun and I don’t have to wear a bra,” she laughs.

    “I love that and my friends are always like ‘That dress? Can we throw it away?'” She loves to split her time between dresses—”I love dresses! They’re so feminine, and I love being shapely and being womanly”—and jeans—”I also love to pal around in jeans and a t-shirt.”

   We couldn’t help but notice her radiant skin, especially her face, so we had to ask about her nightly ritual. “I definitely moisturize, that’s a big part, and keeping my skin clean…if I sleep with makeup on, that’s not good, bad news.” It happens, so just remember to completely clean your face before going to bed. We appreciate the common-sense advice!