Samm Levine and Micky Dolenz at the Actors for Autism Reach for the Stars 2013 Red Carpet Benefit

RedCarpetTips exclusively caught up with Samm Levine at the Actors for Autism Reach for the Stars red carpet benefit. The event presented Criminal Minds star, Joe Mantegna, with the humanitarian of the year award for his involvement within the organization which provides programs to help autistic children improve their communication skills and thrive in the arts. When asked about what advice he would give to kids in the program, Levine simply responded to “have fun with it”. He believes that exploring different types of characters is very rewarding. Levine himself finds joy in the characters he plays, stating he has roles that either are “the nerd” or “the mean nerd”.


Moving onto fashion, Levine was rocking an all blue dress suit which he smoothly paired with a skinny tie. The actor sheepishly admitted that his suit was custom made and even jokingly revealed that his height made it difficult to find a suit that fit properly. As for his hair, Levine revealed that he uses a dab of Paul Mitchell gel and is ready to go!

Also present at the event was former drummer and lead vocalist of The Monkees: Micky Dolenz. Dolenz happily supported the event stating that he does “a lot of charity work“. The musician was also able to give out some helpful advice to children who are currently in the program run by Actors for Autism. He believes that perseverance is key to making it big in the industry. He also jokingly confessed that everyone needs to “get a good lawyer”. Good to know Dolenz has an eye for humor!


As for his attire, Dolenz was sporting a chic neutral sport jacket with a black shirt. He completed his outfit with a panama hat that coordinated well. Dolenz revealed that he is quite the hat collector, owning about 30 hats in total! Any advice for aspiring hat collectors? Dolenz mentions that if your “wife or girlfriend” says you look good, the hat is a go!