Rosetta Stone and Cookie Daddy Offer Tasty Treats at the 2013 GBK Gift Lounge

Vous aimez les cookies, les langues étrangères alors ceci va peut être vous intéressez ! For language learners and dessert lovers everywhere, Rosetta Stone and Cookie Daddy were at the 2013 GBK Gift Lounge delivering culture and flavor!

Rosetta Stone, one of the best language-teaching tools, now offers an online subscription with an impressive selection of 24 language. The service is as simple as it is practical; it grants users 12 months access to engage in any lingual lesson. These virtual interactions include “live sessions with native speaking coaches, gaming community with other learners that are learning the same language as them,” informed the spokesperson.


In terms of time commitment, most levels takes 50 hours of practice, however, for those with travel plans, it is recommended to go through a few lessons and utilize those native speakers conversations! That will have tourists, visitors, and celebrities saying “J’aime la France,” in no time!

Tom Boerger, the Cookie Daddy himself spoke to us about why his treats are a celebrity must-have! Boerger insisted his cookies are simply scrumptious because they have natural products–including dark chocolate, nuts, sugar, butter–and are made with “love.” Who says you can’t indulge with “fairly healthy” cookies, as the cookie daddy suggested. Some favorite flavors include: dark chocolate with fleur de sel (special salt from France), coconut shortbread with lime zest, and oatmeal with almonds & dried fruits. Well, all of these sound tasty and healthy!