Red Carpet Scents

Finding the perfect signature scent can always be a little mind-blowing and tough on your senses. If you’re ready to dump that scent you’ve been wearing since high school, we have ideas to help you change things up.  From our top picks to what celebrities are wearing, we have the lowdown.


Perfumes only go on little pulse points on your body but choosing the kind that complements you is a bigger decision than most realize.

When doing a smell diagnostic, the best thing you can do is open your senses. Consider the following guidelines:

  • Which fragrance family do you belong to? Fragrance expert Michael Edwards has categorized them into four different types: Floral, Oriental, Fresh, or Woody.
  • When testing out fragrances, set a limit of three or four. Simultaneously flooding your olfactory receptors with a variety of smells will not help your cause.
  • Take your time. Quite obviously, the smell you choose should please you and not the salesperson on commission.
  • A lot of  perfumes are designed for seasonal use. During the summer, it’s ideal to opt for sweet-smelling scents. There are richer/heavier scents made for cold weather days.
  • It’s customary to have a bottle as your everyday signature smell and another (usually more pricey) stash for special occasions.