Red Carpet Paws: Fitness for Your Furry Friend



Pet Nutrition with Fur Fitness Foundation


It was all bark and playful bite with Fur Fitness Foundation at the Eco-Oscar Style Lounge. The foundation, which educates pet owners on the growing dangers of pet obesity and malnutrition, helped sniff out the keys to maintaining a healthy, fit lifestyle for your animal.
According to Melissa Morrison, one of the founders of Fur Fitness, the battle begins with education. Pet owners must understand that obesity can trigger arthritis, high blood pressure, heart disease and respiratory problems. These are major concerns for animals, who find the extra weight to be fatiguing and cumbersome, preventing them from taking long, healthy walks in the neighborhood or short walks up and down the stairs. To combat the negative effects of obesity, animals must engage in exercise. Physical activity strengthens bones mass, helps removes toxins and waste from the body, enhances metabolic health and improves the functioning of both the heart and lungs.
Nutrition also plays a key role in the health of our animals. “I find that my own clients are feeding their little dogs what big dogs should be eating,” said Morrison, who cautioned that sometimes a cup for big dogs means 1/2 cup for smaller dogs. “When you are taking them out on walks…they are too tired, too sluggish.”

 Maintaining proper nutrition portion increases the fitness levels of animals and helps them sustain energy while out on walks of lengthy duration. Make sure to keep an eye on what your animals are eating and take note on how they perform when in outdoor settings. If they appear lethargic and non-active, it may be caused by their nutrition, or lack there of.

Fur Fitness Foundation offers educational classes for pets and their owners, and have MeetUp groups to raise awareness about the dangers of pet obesity and how to maximize fitness and nutrition levels in animals to promote the healthiest forms of living.
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