WWE Superstars The Miz and Girlfriend Maryse Ouellet Give Style Tips at WWE Be A Star Event

If WWE’s Be a STAR event had a face, it would be that of The Miz. The reigning WWE Intercontinental Champion, actor, media personality and reality television star stepped out in flawless style with his lovely girlfriend WWE Diva Maryse Ouellet at WWE’s anti-bullying charity event to promote the organization’s message of friendship and tolerance. By “stepped out”, we mean literally and figuratively: The Miz and Maryse wore matching spike-studded loafers and high heels, respectively. The Miz–Mike Gregory Mizanin–looked perfectly dapper in a perfectly-tailored purple plaid suit and matching tie, and Maryse was understated yet elegant in a simple black dress accentuated with an obsidian necklace. Never ones to miss an opportunity to stand out, their lethal-looking shoes were the shiniest apparel on display at the event.

“I love a man who knows how to dress,” Maryse says, her arms around The Miz. She likes a man to have nice hair and just a bit of facial hair, and the Miz certainly meets those requirements. For great-looking hair, they both use WEN hair care products (“It’s in a brown bottle,” is all that The Miz professes to know about it).  She also likes guys who have the Hollywood “bubble butt”. The Miz’s tip for getting that look? “Lots of squats.” As for footwear, Maryse loves Louboutin shoes and encourages The Miz to wear them as well. He has some hard-earned advice for men who go shoe shopping with women: “The worst words you can say to her are ‘nice’ and ‘fine’.”

The couple was most definitely the hottest item strutting the red carpet that night, and The Miz knew it. At the conclusion of our interview, he jokingly said “Talking to me is the biggest Hollywood tip you can get, so you’re welcome.” We certainly appreciate it!