Pro Wrestler, Dancer & Model Bombshell Eve Torres Gives Style and Beauty Tips At WWE Summerslam

Pro wrestler, dancer, model and total bombshell Eve Torres glittered at WWE’s Be a STAR charity event. The WWE Diva was dripping with scintillating Charlie Lapson jewelry at the Be a STAR Alliance’s L.A. event, aimed at discouraging bullies and bullying and building friendships in their place. “Charlie Lapson is a good friend of ours and looks out for the divas,” she says, showing off her rings and earrings.

Torres was full of style and beauty tips, and we ate them up. She uses pin curls to get the gorgeous, softly-twirling locks that frame her face. “Let [the pins] set once you dry your hair.” As for her warm, tanned skin color, she says that she avoids tanning beds and uses just a bit of bronzer to enhance her naturally dark skin: “A little bit of shimmer is great.” A lot of her work involves the beach: she models for WWE and teaches self-defense classes so her outfit of choice is the mixed bikini. “I love to play volleyball, so I don’t want any wardrobe malfunctions.” Too much skin is a no-no. She even had a men’s fashion tip for us: board shorts are in. She loves seeing multicolored board shorts at the beach. “I’m all about it,” she gushes.

The pro wrestler had one final tip for us, one that she teaches in her self-defense classes. It’s an escape tactic: when an attacker grabs your arm to prevent your escape, bend your arm at the elbow towards your shoulder, and your arm will torque and slip out of the attacker’s hand. Useful and empowering!