Paris Hiltons Birthday: Eyes Wide Shut Masquerade Party

Paris Hilton is famous for the best parties in town. She went completely over-the-top with glamour for her 31st birthday, making it the most anticipated  party for months. Of course Paris went to the biggest event planner in town, Night Vision Entertainment, to plan her celebration inspired by the 1999 film, Eyes Wide Shut. Celebrity friends and guests spent the night dancing to music by Paris’s favorite DJs, Mr. Best and Afrojack. Paris was Accompanied by her beau, DJ Afrojack, her sister Nicky Hilton and her adoring parents.

Paris Hilton with DJ Mr. Best and DJ Afrojack 
The party was at the magnificent Barbie Mansion, which was the perfect setting for the Eyes Wide Shut event.
Guests indulged in a pop-up Fat Burger restaurant that was set in the mansion for the attendees for late-night bites.
The hit event was produced by Night Vision Entertainment, known for throwing celebrity parties and events all over LA. 
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