Paris Fashion Week 2012: Menswear

International fashion shows like Paris Fashion Week have become the staple for what’s to come in the Fashion World. What we see on the Runway will be on next week’s Red Carpet! The biggest male celebrities will only wear the best formal wear from around the world. Louis Vuitton has an impeccable Menswear Collection for Autumn 2013. From the hair to the wardrobe we can expect upscale and classic for this next season.

The Look: Sleek and Classic. Natural is in so no tans on these men.

The Feel: Immediately you’re taken to a robotic transporter world. Greeted by a man introducing the Louis Vuitton Collection. Within minutes you are taken through a timeframe that is very 40s to almost futuristic. It is as if you are watching a man traveling through time through a season with an ever changing wardrobe to accomodate each climate.

The Wardrobe: Lots of dark shades; grey, black, blues.

Casual Wear: Featuring tan and light browns.

See here the patterns featured on the runway. From crocodile to exotic patterns menswear is getting exotic!

We Are Loving:

1. Velour Suits in deep colors

2. Over the top gigantic sweaters with a huge neckline

3. Combat Boots with Silver tops <3

4. Wrapped around gigantic neckline scarves with attached brooches

5. Sophisticated travel and business bags. Soft and strict leather with a bold pattern.

Check out an exclusive video from Paris Fashion Week featuring Louis Vuitton’s Autumn 2013 Menswear.