New Tips on How to Use your Favorite Beauty Products in ALL New Ways


 Makeup Artists Are Thinking Outside of the Box!

Instant Glam On and Off The Red Carpet!

Tip 1: Use eyeliner as eye-shadow

“The creamier the pencil formula, the better. Line your lash line with the pencil and smudge it into the lids with your fingertip, stopping before you reach the crease (the hollow of the eye socket). Use a small liner brush to buff the line into a sultry smoky sexy shape.

Tip 2: Mix luminizer with everything 

Adding luminizer to a matte foundation to make it a bit more brightening, or mixing a liquid luminizer with concealer to create an illuminating tinted moisturizer or concealer can be used to highlight around the eyes and down the center of the nose. Mixing cake luminizer and cake concealer creates a whole new product that can really brighten your look. You don’t need palettes or plates to mix; just use the back of your hand.

Tip 3: Use your shimmering eye-shadow as illuminator 

Creamy shadows with a pearl finish work really well as luminizers. M.A.C. makes a Cream Colour Base ($21) in Hush that’s gives cheekbones a beautiful luminosity. You can also use it to highlight the inner corners of the eyes to make them look more open, and add it to lips to tone down the natural color.

Tip 4: Use clear creams for everything 

Use a minimal amount of product and a clean mascara wand to sweep it through the brows and keep them in place. Mixing with powder shadow will give you a cream shadow. With lipstick, it makes a nice wash of color for lips, cheeks and eyes.

Tip 5: Mascara as brow gel 

Wipe the wand off a bit and use a dark brown to fill in and accentuate the brows.

Tip 6: Mix your concealer and lip gloss—for your face

Concealer and lip gloss will create this moveable, reflective product that can be used to bring out your bone structure. Add it to your cheeks or forehead, anywhere you need your face to catch the light.

Tip 7: Just add water

Wetting your brush can change eyeshadows into creamy, long-wearing wonders. Apply a shade of shadow dry, and blend it, then go back with a wet brush and saturate the pigment before applying along the lash line and blending into the dry shade for an ombre effect.

Tip 8: Use your lipstick everywhere.

Take your favorite lipstick and apply a bit to your finger. Tap just a little into your cheeks and blend it in with the heel of your hand to give yourself a gorgeous, just-flushed cheek, then tap a little onto your eyelids and blend it with your fingers for a gentle lift of natural color.