‘Law Abiding Citizen’ Director F. Gary Gray at Icon Mann Power 50 Dinner

F. Gary Gray, whose directorial work includes Friday, Be Cool, and Law Abiding Citizen, was dapper in an all-black Armani suit at the Icon Mann Power 50 Dinner. The annual event honors the most influential black men in Hollywood, who as Gray says, “are positive and have made a difference.” Other attendees included Michael Ealy, Forest Whitaker and Michael B. Jordan.


While a night like this one called for the iconic man to dress up in a suit and a metallic bowtie for a pop of color, he prefers to dress simple and comfortable. By that he means, a pair of Nike shoes, his favorite jeans, and a hoodie to make for a casually chic outfit. Gray also enjoys to dress in standard, primary colors–always an excellent choice.

The director is currently working on Universal’s biopic, Straight Outta Compton, which will depict the rise of the musical group, N.W.A. Gray’s goal is to demonstrate the impact the quintet had in music.