Laurie Holden Star of “The Walking Dead” Shares Tips on Shoes & Lip Gloss

Laurie Holden, star of the hit AMC show The Walking Dead met up with Red Carpet Tips at the GBK Oscar lounge.


The Walking Dead star, Laurie Holden share her top two style tips.


There may be a lot that goes into creating a look but according to Laurie Holden, these two are the most important: shoes and lip gloss.

A simple dress can become a head-turning look with the right pair of shoes. That could be using red heels to make a bold statement or lengthening your legs with a set of neutral pumps.

Glossing up might seem like a final step, but it can make you feel put together. Test out a few shades at your favorite makeup counter and see what works best with your skin tone. Also, be wary of the stickiness factor. Glosses are different for everyone so blot, draw through a straw and kiss your hand to make sure you picked a gloss that works for you. Then buy two, just in case.