“Lash It Up” Like Longoria for the Golden Globes!

Eva Longoria gives us her exclusive beauty tip!


Desperate Housewives’ star Eva Longoria has lashes that go the distance, literally. The ABC starlet conveys great depth when playing her character as sassy, bold Gabby, and it’s all thanks to those amazing cat eyes. While Eva is well blessed with eyes that speak volumes, you better believe false lashes help complete her red carpet look. Eva had one tip and one tip only for our readers: LASHES! LASHES! LASHES! We break down the full process with the help of Celebrity Lash Stylist Amanda Jacobellis of eyelash bar Makeup Mandy, so you too can learn how to apply individual lashes in a cinch!



Watch Amanda in application action as she shows us how to use individual lashes to create the ultimate celebrity lash look for special events such as the Golden Globes!!!


Tips from the Professionals

  • Some makeup artists suggest heightening lash volume by upping your coat ante. In other words, apply as many as four coats to get an extreme lash look and combing through afterwards to avoid the dreaded “tarantula eyes”!
  • Try cutting the band into quarters and applying each section instead of the full band in one sweep. If that proves to be a bit intermediate, just place the single end piece for a great winged look.
  • Apply the glue with a tiny tip, get the band close to the lash line, and press. Don’t be too quick to remove your finger when pressing!  The longer you press, the more secure the lashes will be.
  • Be sure to get glue that dries clear to make sure no mistakes are visible.

When in doubt, leave it to the professionals! There are eyelash bars all across the country who are certified and specialize in creating the right falsies for you, such as Makeup Mandy in Beverly Hills! They can last anywhere from four to eight weeks depending on a variety of factors from health to maintenance of the lashes.