Justin Bartha from ‘THE HANGOVER’ series Talks Music & Hair at the ‘CBGB’ Movie Premiere

Justin Bartha, star of The Hangover trilogy, started his interview with RedCarpetTips by gently teasing designer Charlie Lapson. “It’s a doorbell,” quipped the charming actor as he motioned to “ring” Lapson’s statement necklace. So let’s see what he managed to open at the red carpet premiere of CBGB.

Bartha plays bad-boy singer, Stiv Bators, in the film about the punk music era club, CBGB. We asked him to give us a bit of insight to both the music and his character. First he mentioned the important role CBGB played in musical history as it “highlighted music that wasn’t your usual pop music,” specifically Punk. He added that it is crucial to pop culture to have a celebration of various musical genres. As for his character, he sees Bators as a mid-western boy who enjoyed the occasional fun.


Moving onto fashion, The New Normal alumnus gave us his tips for hair. According to him, his hair starts off looking like a mohawk then gravity turns it into the wavy ‘do he was sporting. Bartha, however, does (jokingly, of course) use a particular lamb produced specimen which he buys online. You have to watch the interview to hear his hilarious response yourself. We can’t spill all the red carpet secrets!