Josh Zuckerman talks Punk fashion at the ‘CGBG’ film premiere

90210 actor Josh Zuckerman, spoke to celebrity designer Charlie Lapson at the CBGB movie premiere. Zuckerman, gave us insight on what it was like to play John Holmstrom, creator of Punk Magazine in the film. With extreme happiness Zuckerman stated, “John is quite a larger than life character, extremely talented guy and it was a great pleasure to get to know him during the process, before the film and to get to represent him in the film.”

He talked about the film’s retro wardrobe including  jean jackets, curduroys and graphic t-shirts complete with holes in them. Then, he transitioned to what he wore at the event. At the premiere he sported a Punk t-shirt, to represen, the original illustration of Punk Magazine along with a dark vintage blazer and his slicked-back hair. He shared tips on hair products such as pomades, sticks, and oils that helped him maintain his look.