Joe’s Jeans #Hello Jeans Can Charge Your Phone?


It’s been a long day & the worst thing that can happen to you just happened: your phone is out of charge. Well, not to worry now! Joe’s Jeans are known for their comfortable, hip hugging jeans. But it looks like their new #Hello line is causing a huge stir in the fashion world.

They brought the fashion & technology world together with a self-charge jean! The #Hello jean extends the battery life of your device while on the go. Here’s the catch, it’s specifically designed for iPhone only (sorry Android users). This built-in protection system also prevents over-charging and can charge an iPhone 5/5s up to 80-85% & an iPhone 6 up to 70%! The slim, back pocket allows easy access to charge.

Here’s a demonstration of how to use the #Hello jeans:











There are four different styles for your to choose from of the new #Hello jeans: Black on black rinse denim, sophisticated dark grey denim, dark wash denim, & a medium blue wash with knee slits & it features their classic mid rise skinny fit. Each one will only cost you $189, about the same price as any other Joe’s Jeans.

So what do you think? Love #Hello Jeans or leave it?