Joe Mantegna talks Goatee Maintenance at Actors for Autism

Joe Mantegna, known for his role as David Rossi on the hit show Criminal Minds, was the main honoree at Actors for Autism‘s Reach for the Stars event. The actor received the Humanitarian of The Year award for his supportive efforts to the organization. Mantegna admitted that what drives his strong contributions and personal dedication to this cause is having a 26-year-old daughter with autism. “Something like this in particular, obviously resonates with me in a whole personal way,” mentioned Joe.

Moving onto a lighter note, Mantegna, interviewed by celebrity designer Charlie Lapson, discussed his style. Sporting a cream-colored men’s blazer and a black dress shirt, Joe jokingly said that at his age he grabs what he can and “hope[s] it all works.” He did confess to asking the stylist from Minds for some tips on what to wear.

Now, when it comes to grooming, he takes his time to make sure his goatee is looking sharp. He says, “I should write a book about maintaining goatees.” His shaving ritual includes: trimming with an electric razor, a regular straight razor, and finalizing with a clipper. But his facial hair has proven to be more of a “lucky beard” because he’s maintained it since joining Minds seven ago. A luck charm indeed!