Take in Some Rays the Joe Jonas Way!


     As we wait in anticipation for the release of the Jonas Brothers’ new album, get cozy and learn how the boys maintain that brotherly glow. Joe Jonas is always a regular on the red carpet always looking mighty taut and tan. You better believe he works hard to keep that tan and will be continuing to do so with awards season just around the corner!


     Surprisingly, Joe Jonas doesn’t bask at the beach but relies on a special tanning bed at BodyFactory located on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood. Bodyfactory’s Chief Executive Officer and President Robert Green says Joe is a regular and pays a visit at least three times a week to keep up his tan. But don’t expect this rock royalty to step into any contraption. Joe uses Velocity, a revolutionary 360-degree bed. Only four are said to be in existence in the United States. Releasing 99.7% A-rays, this incredibly pricey bed leaves its users burn-free, and Joe Jonas with a caramel coat bronzy enough to continue making tweens swoon. Be sure to drop by BodyFactory on Sunset to develop your outer golden goddess.