Jewelry of Rock ‘N Roll All-Stars Demi Lovato & Steven Tyler

Don’t expect diamonds, pearls, and high-fashion glamour in this special behind the scenes look at celebrity fashion. Instead, gear up for a trip back to the bayou of Louisiana and meet Designer, Debi Lynn , who’s going to show us how Demi Lovato and Steven Tyler rock some serious stones when it comes to their jewelry.


Debi Lynn has a unique approach in that she mixes historic materials from different time periods together, creating a fusion of fashion that exhibits styles from a variety of decades. With a Western meets Rock N’ Roll inspired theme, Demi Lovato is seen above wearing a Debi Lynn piece called “Worldly Spirits.” Originally designed with Steven Tyler in mind, this necklace has a massive silver cross from Ethiopia hanging in the middle and is bound with Italian leather. Debi Lynn is currently designing another necklace for Steven Tyler, since Demi claimed Worldly Spirits. While the details are relatively “hush hush,” our insider sources reveal that it will involve turquoise stones, ropes, flattened rock, and will have a very antique feel.

 We figured styling for two mega superstars like Steven and Demi would be the perfect marriage for Debi, and indeed it was. With Demi Lovato’s recent struggles in the media and Steven Tyler’s boundless spontaneity, Debi’s spiritual jewelry pieces seem to connect with the energetic souls of these two celebrities. Deriving inspiration from Debi’s Native American background, her use of rosaries, turquoise stones, and crosses scream spirituality, and Hollywood has taken notice. Many of Debi’s pieces have also been worn by Hollywood’s elite, including the likes of George Clooney, Katie Holmes, and Morgan Freeman.

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