How to Achieve Barbie’s Iconic Look

The fascination with Barbie’s iconic look has exceeded the bounds of time. A doll who embodies much more than just fashion glamour across the decades, Barbie maintains a face that has remained on the minds of both young and old as a true American beauty. We here at got the scoop from stylist-to-the-stars Anya Sarre about achieving the Barbie Doll look for the everyday girl.

To the naked eye, Barbie appears to be one “decked out doll.” However, Anya says accomplishing the look is not so complicated. Keep the palate AND the accentuations neutral. In other words, don’t bold multiple parts of the face. Keep it limited to hair, lashes, and lips. However, Anya stresses that false lashes are imperative in pulling off the bold eyes found on dolls. Smoking up the eye and applying those false lashes are a must!

 Anya Sarre acted as host for the “Barbie Rocks” holiday party where she looked like a life-size Barbie doll wearing a sweet pink one-shoulder ensemble. Her rings, earrings, and necklace were all pieces from the “Barbie Rocks” collection.


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See the different celebrities rocking out their favorite Barbie Rocks’ pieces.


Check out the video above to get exclusive tips from Barbie Rocks host of the evening, Anya Sarre, so you too can get the Barbie look!