High Heels Gone Heavenly

Any Fashionista knows the importance of high heels.  They are a staple in every woman’s wardrobe, as they instantly up the sexy factor.  A key to walking in high heels is being confident!  If you’re wearing them, work it honey!  Here are a few tips to make your time in heels extra heavenly.

1.  Place an insole inside the shoe to add a little extra cushion.  This will help distribute the support throughout the ball of the foot, arch and heel.

2.  In order to have a steady stride, you need to be sure your shoe won’t slip on slick surfaces.  For this particular issue, try a grip pad on the bottom of your shoe.  This will create friction with the shoe and the floor.  For a quick at home fix, try rubbing the bottom of your shoe with sand paper to create a rougher surface.

3.  A real treasure and probably the most effective is the use of Moleskin.  You can find it at your local drugstore, and Dr. Scholl’s even makes a great one.  All you do is cut out the shape and size you will need and voila! Place it on any part of the skin where there is any chance of uncomfortable rubbing.  Using moleskin is the most effective prevention method against blisters and calluses.

4.  Another tip that makes wearing heels more comfortable involves a little scotch tape.  Tape together your third and fourth toes, and wear your heels like you normally would.  This secret tip helps align the muscles in your foot, keeping the ball of your foot more steady.

5.  Posture is everything! Straighten up from your legs to your spine.  Straightening and extending your legs will help you move more gracefully, remember to tighten your core!  Carry your weight through your core, instead of on your feet.  By doing this, it will keep you much more comfortable for extended hours.

Confidence is key!  Remember this and you will look like a pro in no time.