Hairstylist Extraordinaire Tabatha Coffey of “Tabatha Takes Over” Talks Fashion at Hollywood Style Lounge

From the hit make-over series, Tabatha Takes Over, host Tabatha Coffey joins us to discuss her look, beauty regiments, and the latest fashion trends at the Hollywood Style Lounge Presented by Doris Bergman.

Tabatha known for only wearing black, does it to keep her style “really, really easy.” Well, almost. While her closet is a “sea of black,” she advises “you have to make sure the blacks match, you have to make sure there’s texture, you have to make sure that it all works together.” There you have it, wearing black all the time is “so not easy,” chuckles Tabatha.

As far as fashion, whether it’s for a Red Carpet event, or a casual day, Tabatha says what matters is “wearing something you’re comfortable in.” It’s about knowing how to own it and looking comfortable.

Tabatha delves more into fashion trends, including bright colors for Spring and upcoming Summer. Along with colors, there’s also a lot of mix-match and prints people are wearing. “I also love that juxtaposition of hard and soft in fashion at the moment,” says the hairstylist, “we’re seeing a little bit more like leather jackets put over feminine looking skirts, and draping.” It’s great seeing people play around with fashion.

Now, on to beauty tips, here are two important ones: “drink as much water” says the Bravolebrity “and moisturize, moisturize, moisturize.”

Ladies (and some gentlemen) let’s follow Tabatha’s advice–because it is clearly working for her.