Get a Healthy Suntanned Glow like Samantha Harris of “Entertainment Tonight”

Tan skin can make you feel glamourous and look slimmer, but we know the sun’s rays aren’t the only way to get the look. Samantha Harris shared her self tanning go-to’s with us at the GBK Oscar lounge.


Red Carpet Tips caught up with Samantha Harris at the GBK Oscar lounge.


Entertainment Tonight’s Samantha Harris has spent plenty of hours in hair and makeup. Between her current correspondent position and the seasons she spent co-hosting Dancing With The Stars, she’s filled with tips and tricks.

Her must-have for any red carpet event is a good self tanner. Samantha’s top picks are Adonia Bronzing Glow and Xen-tan, but as long as you prep by exfoliating and testing the tanner before the big day, you can get a healthy red carpet glow too.

Adonia Bronzing Glow is a star favorite because it’s an easy spritz that doesn’t stain clothes. Fans include Pamela Anderson and Mario Lopez.

Developed by a natural redhead, Xen-Tan is a great line of tanning products for fair-skinned sun-lovers. Xen-Tan offers both foam and lotion self-tanning products.

Jergens Natural Glow is popular for those on and off the red carpet. Moisturizers are available in foams or lotions and in both fair to medium and medium to tan skin tones.

Neutrogena MicroMist is a quick fix to get a tan minutes before your event. The mist acts as a personal airbrush tanning system that dries in less than five minutes.