From Disney’s Upcoming ‘Cloud 9’ Mike Manning at GLAAD Soirée

Sporting his Iron Man t-shirt, Mike Manning arrived straight from this year’s Comic-Con to GLAAD’s Hancock Park Soirée and broke down his secrets to looking so good.

One of the actor’s favorite hair products is Shorty’s Barber Shop’s puddy. Another essential is his thumb ring, because he feels “naked without it.”

When it’s time to dress-up for a special event, the former The Real World: DC contestant seeks his friends’ advice to get red carpet ready. Because “it takes a village,” as he charmingly says. Mike even admitted to finally adding suede shoes to his wardrobe; and for those wondering, he wears boxer-briefs.

Aside from attending this GLAAD event, Mike expressed his support for all things GLAAD. He further added that film and television are a great medium for changing people’s “hearts and minds.” Speaking of films, make sure to check out his upcoming Disney movie, Cloud 9 and documentary Kidnapped for Christ--which he produced.