Chelsie Hightower of ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Reveals Hollywood Beauty and Style Secrets

Professional ballroom dancer Chelsie Hightower is a fierce talent and is loved by judges and viewers alike. The Oren, Utah native’s winning rural charm is ever apparent, especially in the spotlight; she’s warm and sweet in front of the camera, downplaying her celebrity and adopting a no-nonsense attitude towards her looks and attire, even when expertly touched up with subtle makeup and a rich layered hairstyle. She shined under the studio lights for out shoot, but when the cameras were switched off she was very no-frills about her looks (“I could live in sweats”) and took a simple approach to her looks. Born in Las Vegas and raised in Orem, Chelsie was an outdoorsy, active kid who started dancing when she was 9. By the time she was 14 she was training professionally and performing in musical theater across the country. She has such a natural talent for the art she loves that she made her first appearance on Fox’s So You Think You Can Dance when she was 18. She’s been a regular on ABC’s Dancing With the Stars since Season 8.

Chelsie has danced with Ty Murray, Louie Vito, Jake Pavelka, Michael Bolton, Romeo Miller and Roshon Fegan and is partnered with IndyCar Series driver, Season 5 champion and fan favorite Hélio Castroneves. Among the pro dancers, she is a fan favorite herself. She made a splash in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit’s Winter 2012 issue with Ty Murray and was nominated for an Emmy for her fiery, show-stopping performance of the Paso Doble with Derek Hough in Season 10.

Chelsie spoke with us at Red Carpet Tips on all things fashion and glamour, and gave us a behind-the-scenes look at a campaign for the Charlie Lapson Collection ( Lapson, who designs jewelry, handbags and clothing for Hollywood’s hottest, has partnered with acclaimed photographer Jeff King ( for a joint exhibition of their works. King as snapped photos of everything from tropical landscapes and seascapes of Hawaii to stars from Glee, and his shots are bright, eye-catching and razor sharp. He took full advantage of Chelsie’s natural beauty for the shoot, and it shows; the camera really loved her. Celebrity hairstylist Nazareth “Naz” Valdez flared up the final look as well. Naz is known for working closely with power names in the industry. He gracefully created a glossy, dynamic look for her hair . She modeled some beautiful designs and revealed what she does to stay looking fresh and beautiful, both on and off the ballroom floor. As the star of one of primetime’s most popular network shows, it’s essential to look perfect, especially with such a big, devoted audience tuning in every week.

“When you’re on the red carpet, you have to make sure you’re matching your hair and your makeup to the look you have.” As a dancer, consistency is essential to a high score, so it’s natural to take an approach to an overall look with that mindset. For her eyes, she says “I usually go with the smokey look,” which she combines with a nude li and plum blush. Overall, she tends to go with a natural-leaning look, so her makeup has a less-is-more look. She avoids hair extensions or overly elaborate hairdos because “I don’t want to ruin my hair…if I’m running around all day, I don’t want to have to do too much with my hair.” For skin tone, “I always have some sort of gleam, some sort of something that makes my skin a little bit shimmery.” The glimmer and glitter makes her shine on the dance floor, especially under all the lights and camera flashbulbs.

Chelsie’s graceful dancer’s pose and beautiful golden locks left us in awe and we look forward to her future moves in Hollywood.