David Otunga Hoodies & Prada

Pro wrestler, lawyer, and reality TV star David Otunga can do it all and still look great! After working as a lawyer, Otunga made his TV debut as a contestant on the VH1 dating show I love New York 2, and was eventually contracted with the WWE. In his short time with the organization, Otunga’s already snagged two WWE Tag Team Championship titles and is building up a devoted fan base for his bowtied character. This jack of all trades always manages to look stylish, and such was the case when RCT caught up with him at the Wrestlemania Premiere Party.

The party was highlighted by a fashion show from Hollywood designer Charlie Lapson, which got us wondering,  how does David Otunga prepare for an event like this? When getting ready the star likes to “figure out what the atmosphere’s going to be” so he can dress accordingly. And of course “I don’t go anywhere without my bowtie” he says. Otunga recommends wearing comfortable shoes (note his shiny patent leather Prada‘s) and even tries to slip in a hoodie when he can.